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The Salsa Directory Is Dead, Long Live Salsadelphia

Monday September 1 2008 9:06pm

Long in the daydreaming, surprisingly quick in the programming, Salsadelphia has finally replaced my old Philly Salsa Directory.

Salsadelphia may not seem like a big change, but there's a lot going on "under the hood." You can click on any latin dance style to limit the results to that style, restrict the results to classes, DJs or bands, and bring up results for specific DJs, venues, studios and instructors.

For instance, you can quickly access classes taught by Joe Figueroa, nights when Jay Rockwell is spinning, events at Brasils or events associated with Estilo. And I can link to all of the above easily in these news stories.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Many more features are forthcoming, and I plan to incorporate studio class listings as well as club listings.

And yes, everyone in the Greater Philly area is welcome to be listed on the new Salsadelphia site. I've discarded the old "in the city limits" requirement. Instead, I've added features that help you search for venues that are located in Center City and venues that are transit-friendly.